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These media art works are accessible for everyone and for free.
By purchasing a work you may exhibit it in public.

You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.
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Mail-exchange Boaz Kaizman - Richard Stallman 31 May 2011 - 25 Apr 2012
„The idea of this project is to replace the regular exhibition space by an internet based platform conducting the exhibition 71Gedichte. The technical challenge is to keep all the benefits of the real life exhibition space and gain the advantages of the internet. These media art works are made for the internet mainly using internet material. They are accessible for everyone and for free.“ Mail-exchange Boaz Kaizman - Richard Stallman

by Boaz Kaizman
a native online exhibition

The exhibition 71Gedichte/71poems is a media experiment that aims at overcoming the limits of the classical exhibition space. The work features elements in their native environment - the internet.

71Gedichte/71poems can enrich your online presence.
During a 7-week exhibition the user behavior has been tracked. 30% of the addressed responded to the e-mail invitation
and visited the exhibition. 51% of the visitors watched 7,53 pages over the time of 7,24min (both on average).

This internet-art-project can enhance the confidence of your community in your innovative potential.
71Gedichte/71poems is a step ahead into the internet world - it changes the virtual elements of the internet
into a real-time art-exhibition and into a real-time experience.

These art-works can be sold like other tangible pieces of art.
To purchase an artwork you buy a domain
By purchasing an artwork you are allowed to exhibit it in public including on your website.

The verifications owning an artwork are:

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With this art-project I face many questions and dilemmas. Nevertheless for me it is more of a challenge than a threat.
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